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January 24, 2012

A couple of my friends from class got together in a group for our event photography class assignment last night. The assignments goal was basically to try out different lenses, especially ones that we haven’t used yet. The criteria was that we had to shoot portraits, three for each lens we tried.

The week before we went over using a higher ISO than the native one on the camera since this is an event photography class, the lighting conditions are not always expected to be perfect for every event, so going higher than an ISO of 200 is expected, especially if a flash would inconvenience the event.

So my friends George and his girlfriend Alison decided to go to IKEA and pose with all the furniture in the store so we could try the lenses out on a spontaneous adventure!

It was a fun little challenge since we didn’t really ask if it was ok to take pictures in the store, so there was that feeling of excitement as we ran through the different rooms posing and taking pictures of each other interacting with whatever room we found ourselves in before a sales person walked by. The employees there really didn’t seem to mind, since there were a few times they walked in on us snapping away and they didn’t even look at us. Plus it was on a Sunday night so there really wasn’t many people in the store so we were not causing any major distractions.

First lens I used was the 28-70 – 2.8 It was kind of a big and awkward lens, which I didn’t expect. the zoom was nice but since it was 28 there was some noticeable warping if I zoomed all the way out.

Next was the beautiful 50mm – 1.8 which was Alison’s. I wasn’t used to the tighter crop since I use a 35 – 1.8. If I were to get one I would definitely grab the 1.4.

Now for my unexpected favorite. The 60mm Macro 2.8. George tells me he uses it as a regular lens and didn’t think about it until I tried and I have to say it’s really fun. The focusing is pin sharp fast and can easily create beautiful bokeh effects.

Last was my own lens that I brought to let the others use. The 11-16 2.8. I’ve been using it a lot lately for events and it’s really been great. I can get good shots of the setting and I like using it for up close portrait style shooting. 

Who knew a furniture store could be so fun?

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