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It’s Finally Here

January 21, 2012

The snow is finally here, and I am already dreading it. But that’s because I have to bike in it and it’s really annoying.

The first snowfall was on Monday night and regrettably the only time I didn’t have my camera with me (which is funny since I just wrote about how my x10 will always be with me) coming out of the movies. The next day it started melting fast, so after class I set out with my Fuji Film X10 to make the first snowy landscape pictures of the year. I biked over to the Charles River Reservation since I always pass it along my route. The parts of the water that were still frozen over had created beautiful designs in the water that I couldn’t pass up.

As for today, we got hit hard for not having snow for a while. And now it’s starting to really look like that typical New England winter. I had left my bike home from the night before and walked home from my girlfriends across town snapping a couple pictures along the way. It was snowing pretty hard at the time and I was kind of nervous about the new camera so I was a bit reserved when taking it out.

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