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“We Got Bailed Out!”

December 11, 2011

Woke Up this morning and looked at my twitter feed to find out the news about the Occupy. Watched the live stream to see what was going on, and they were headed down to the BPD Jail to greet the Occupiers when they are released, and so I decided to go down and show my support. My good friend Nate came along too.

46 people arrested, 10 girls and 36 guys. The girls where released earlier in the day at the other station and I had arrived an hour before they released the guys. Food was provided for anyone who went to the other district where the girls were let out. They came down to show their support.

As soon as the wagon arrived we got started on making some signs.

We occupied the entrance for a while, as cars drove by honking, making signs and drawing with chalk.

As the time approached we were told that they would be released through the side door. The media started showing its presence and so we stood by waiting to greet them with signs, cheering, food and love!

The Media crowded the entrance and stood by for any one of the guys who wanted to talk to them.

My Occupy series can be seen here

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