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Occupy Boston (Day 2)

October 3, 2011

Day two on the occupancy October 2, 2011 and I had arrived as the occupants were just recovering from the heavy rain from the night before.

This is my experience of Occupy Boston (I do not speak for all of the occupancy these are my own thoughts, and experiences)

I left late last night with tents and tarps just starting to be put up, but when I had arrived the next day there was so much improvement, I was impressed.

There was still a lot of work to be done and I had even done my share of cleaning from the night before

Each group had their own tarp or tent, we had Medical.




Outreach making signs for the people marching on the sidewalk.

At 4PM we had planned to go to college-fest but did not want to go on an empty stomach and the dinner had not arrived yet so we had postponed that for the next day. There were a large number of people that still wanted to go on a march, so I met up with my friend and went with them on an amazing walk through Boston. We went all the way to Newbury Street through China town and back to Dewey square safely. The Police had talked with the members at the front of the march to ask where we were heading at every intersection so they could block the traffic for us. It was a beautiful show of democracy and expression and it couldn’t have gone better.

My friend Nate and the few photographers that marched were at the front of the march the entire time photographing as much as we could.

Change your views. I was really glad to see the two kids that were in the march, because they are a part of the 99%

Fight No One. Love All!

To be continued…

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