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Occupy Boston (Day 1)

October 1, 2011

If you haven’t heard about Occupy Wall Street by now, I suggest you check out what is going on and come back here.

This is my experience of Occupy Boston  (I do not speak for all of the occupancy these are my own thoughts, and experiences)

Boston has started it’s own occupy and day 1 was yesterday! There were three general assemblies before the occupy to discuss what exactly we were doing and where we were going. The first day was just this past Tuesday in which I attended. There was well over 200 people that gathered around in the Boston Commons to discuss tactics. Day 2 was just the same, but most of us had already formed into our groups, and the second night which was Wednesday, was the deciding factor of when we will occupy. We had decided to occupy on Friday at 6 in Dewey Square. I did not get to attend the third assembly.

General assembly, the first night

Split into working groups, gathered contact info and general skills that could be contributed to the occupy

On the second night, I attended the media groups late night gathering to discuss and create whatever we needed for Friday’s occupy.

Website, Posters and the press-release was worked on all throughout the sleepless night.

The Occupy

I had arrived after the march from the Commons to Dewey Square with the sun still out and people still gathering in. I walked around for a bit and watched people making signs, preparing food, talking to the news and playing instruments. Quite an experience.

As the sun set upon Boston, us occupiers started gaining in numbers and began throwing up signs and shouting in celebration. 

The Intergalactic Critical Mass Bike ride was circling around Dewey square delaying all traffic.

A few announcements before our general assembly to discuss the occupancy.

The Mass General Assembly. Well over 1,000 people.

The food donations. We had more than enough, which was amazing.

The most thrilling part of my night was when after the general assembly, a few hundred people decided to march throughout Boston as some stayed at Dewey Square including me to get into our groups and discuss any problems or concerns that any group might have. The march comes back and they cross the street to the Federal Bank of Boston. The police pulled up and all stood infront of the doors to prevent any mishaps. The Occupancy was quite tame and chanted “This is what democracy looks like” Dancing and singing continued as the police just stood and watched the amazing display. I did not see even one arrest.

As the crowd died down, they returned to Dewey Square to set up camp and prepare for the next day.

For More Info please go to the OccupyBoston website at

To Be Continued…


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