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Boston Photo Walk

August 28, 2011

Yesterday a few locals from around Boston got together because of a post from Dave Powell from Shoot Tokyo. Dave made a Google+ post about having a photo walk in Boston while he was visiting America. I had been following Dave for some time and liked his work, so when I saw this I jumped on.

Most of the places we would walk, I bike through everyday, so it was a different experience walking through and having a photographic goal in mind. The real reason I went was to meet new people that shared the same passion I had.

We started off at 11am in Fenway to photograph before the game. It started off as a sunny day.

Blocking off the road for the game.

We made our way to Newbury Street capturing the attention of some people who were not afraid to have their pictures taken.

Keep Boston clean!

The rain didn’t stop us from taking pictures…

Taping up storefront windows in preparation of Irene.

We eventually ended up at Faneuil Hall which was the end of our walk, but the rain continued to come down. All in all, it was a great time and glad I went. It was good for me to see Boston in a different perspective than from what I do from day to day. I will definitely continue this walk on my own in the future, to look at a place I see everyday and see the potential of photographs is what photography is all about. “It’s about the small details”

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