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Summer Update

July 15, 2011

Hello! sorry for the absence. I’ve been enjoying the weather lately, going on vacation, taking photos and discovering Google+ after being invited to it! With all this and school work I hadn’t had time to process all the photos I have been taking. I finally sat down and got to it.

The photos here are the best of the past weekend trip I was on with my friends. The first stop was Hull, MA where my friend has a Beach house right by the ocean. We spent some time in the water and acted like kids as we usually do and spent some money at the arcade by the water.

My friend and her family have more dogs than My family does so I had to share some

Here is Jack!

BrodyAnd one more of him acting all smug, yet cute none the less…

Into the water!The funny thing about these two pictures. Before looking at them, my friend said that she didn’t mean to crash into him, yet the photo proves it was sabotage!  Dont forget about the little details that sum up the experience. In my opinion, the smaller details are important as the action shots of my friends fighting. It’s more intimate and personal but it still comes in with the story. I am learning that you have to know when to step back and to get really close, both are important when telling a story.The arcade was a fun experience even though I really didn’t get to play any games. I was concentrating on getting some really good photos because I have never really photographed an arcade for myself before. It wasn’t anything big, but there was a lot of great subject matter. The challenge was the light source, the arcade was one of those ones that have huge garage doors and it nice and wide open, but the sun was setting and the only light left was that of from inside the arcade. It was a challenge at first to find what white balance was best because the front of the arcade still had sunlight coming in and as you went to the back it was all incandescent. So I cranked up the ISO and got to shooting. Tell me what you think!

Wheelin’ ’em in one at a time.Shoot ’em up!I never understand how these all just dont fall! I hate this gameThe Claw!The all powerful blue gunMy favorite way to get tons of ticketsAnd my most favorite of all.Lets score some tickets!Time to get the most useless prize I can get! The candy was pretty good.

Ended the week end with going up to Rockport, MA for three days. I took a break from shooting even though I had my camera with me the entire time. I wanted to just enjoy myself and not have to worry about exposure, white balance and shutter speed…

But sometimes I can’t resist

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