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Boston Dragon Boat Festival

June 13, 2011

The 32nd Annual Boston Dragon Boat Festival was sunday, and I was on a mission to fulfill my assignment for my editorial class. I ended up Biking there because it happened to be very close to my house, and managed to carry all my gear in my backpack. Upon arriving, I was instantly surrounded in food, dance, excitement and culture. There was not a dull moment in the whole time I was there, and never had to put my camera down. It was located near Harvard along the charles, and on one side was the Boat race and the other was the food, performances and vendors, with tons of interesting things to do like origami, chinese letter drawing, raffles and face painting.

The boat festival is a tradition from ancient China to commemorate the Chinese poet Qu Yuan

 RafflesOrigamiNow this was cool, you can give them your name and they would draw it in Chinese lettersThis woman was a pro at picking these marbles up with chopsticks. I tried it after and failed miserably And on to the performance!It was a great time and I’m definitely glad I went, and that the weather held up even though there was some overcast.

For more info about the races and festival please visit their website :: 

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