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Foggy Start

May 20, 2011

Yesterday as I was riding back home from class, I didn’t realize just how foggy Boston was until I got to the Harvard bridge in Cambridge and could only see halfway down.

Before coming to that realization yesterday, I also stumbled upon the annual exhibit of Studios Without Walls in Brookline, MA. I don’t know much information about it, but I was there last year and basically a bunch of artists install sculpture work in the riverway park. It’s actually quite beautiful and inspiring, but with the rain for the past week, most of the sculptures were watered down. I managed to grab a couple pictures in between the rain storms.

I absolutely loved this one. Just clothes siting on a chair with umbrellas on the top.Little clay sculptures pulling up another one by a rope.  A birds nestA tree wrapped in fabri

To end the day, I managed to grab a Geocache near my home that I have been putting off for some time. This one was called “Old Somerville Lumber”

If you dont know what geocaching is then please watch this video and go to this site to try!

The cache was in the parking lot of a Stop&Shop, but it used to be an old Lumber yard in Somerville.

I quickly pin pointed the cache and signed the log as quick as I can so people wouldn’t start looking as to what I was doing.

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